Laura Giglio's Bio-In Her Own Words

My name is Laura Marie Giglio. I'm 5'2", 106 pounds, and I have bright red hair and hazel eyes. My red hair is my trademark! I've wanted to be an actress as long as I can remember. I've been involved with theater since high school. I won Best Actress my senior year as well as five trophies for outstanding acting at various dramatic competitions at area high schools and colleges. After high school, I became heavily involved in community theater, with a wide variety of comedic, dramatic, and children's theater roles. Later, I became a "scream queen", starring in numerous roles in horror and adventure films with WAVE Productions, Sharkey Pictures, and Killer B Movies. I am very creative and I love writing, drawing, and reading, especially romance and horror! I like to go out dancing, travelling, and camping. I absolutely love the ocean! I also adore children and animals and I work as a children's party entertainer and animal caretaker in my spare time. I am soon to be engaged to a wonderful man and plan to have a family someday! Acting will always be one of my favorite loves and I look forward to many great opportunities in the future!

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